SOS Oils

SOS Oils

Fresh foot oil blend

Unique, fresh scented oil mixture cares for the skin of the foot, increases blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, and with its regular use the formation of hard, callous skin can be prevented. Both mint and eucalyptus oil have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and deodorising properties which help maintain healthy foot hygiene!

Juvenalis oil blend

Juvenalis blend’s argan oil stimulates optimal skin functions, ensures right moisture balance of the skin, slows down the aging of the skin and increases its flexibility. Grape seed oil tightens and regenerates the skin, and collagen tissues, while it is a rich source of the various vitamins and multi-unsaturated fats. Pomegranate seed oil made it into the mix due to its exceptional anti-oxidant properties.

Nutrissima oil blend

Intensive nourishment for tired skin. The basis of the blend is provided by wheat germ oil which is a rich source of Vitamin E and other essential vitamins and minerals, and when applied topically it promotes cell metabolism and circulation. It contains avocado oil which is also rich in minerals and offers intensive nourishment for the skin. Nutrissima blend contains a large amount of argan oil and grapeseed oil in the interest of complexity.

Purity oil blend

Curative oil for acned, inflamed, problematic skin, with black cumin and hemp oil base. Black cumin is used for its antiseptic properties. Hemp oil is extraordinarily rich in linolenic acid (LA) and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) the joint presence of LA and GLA is extremely effective in the treatment of acne. Gamma-linolenic acid is an important element of the cell wall. The azulene content of blue chamomile and tree tea oil is remarkable due to its anti- bacterial, virus and germ killing effect.

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