Wellness & Healing Mud

A GEORGIKON Mud is a natural peat-bog mud. It has a significant water/humidity fixing and heat-preserving capacity. Due to those it improves the metabolism of the treated body part, and improves the natural detoxication.

The mud mask can be applied as cold or as warm mask, according to the certain indication. Using the mud on a regular basis it improves the functions of the immune system, and it assures a general well being.

The mud is sold in its original forma, not dried, so all its components are unspoiled.

Using the mud your body gets such building blocks, which ca be utilized in 100% natural way. It also gets such minerals, macro and micro elements, that are absorb directly through the treated area, so they infiltrate perfectly into the tissues.
You can apply the mud as mask. For face and décolletage the suggested mixing ratio of the mud and lotion is two to one.

If you mix ACV lotion into it you can create a great astringent mask, which can be the perfect closure of a cleaning treatment.
Of course there are endless versions of the possible compositions of the mud musk. Give vent to your imagination

Wellness & Healing Mud
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