PANDHY’S™ Foundation Adjusters

PANDHY’S™Foundation Adjusters are especially formulated to be combined with our original loose mineral foundation. Please note, these are not color correctors to be applied under our makeup. The coverage of PANDHY’S™ Mineral Makeup is heavy enough that a separate color corrector is not needed, or recommended.

Blue/Olive Luster Adjuster #079 Blue/Olive Luster Adjuster #079
A light-medium blue powder that can be mixed in with any light-medium PANDHY’S™ foundation. This shade is used to create a more cool/alabaster, or olive tone to a foundation.
Pink Luster Adjuster #076 Pink Luster Adjuster #076
Sot you have a classic peaches and cream complexion and find that PANDHY’S™ foundations are too yellow? The pink adjuster is just for you!
Yellow Luster Adjuster #082 Yellow Luster Adjuster #082
A light golden powder that is especially helpful for women with Asian or Latin skin tones that need a warm tone without red.
Ivory Foundation Adjuster #078 Ivory Foundation Adjuster #078
A soft ivory color that will help to
lighten foundations in the warm
to neutral range (ex: Sandra,
Teporah, Claire), without
changing the overall
tone of the shade.
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