PANDHY'S™Testimonials: Croatia

Ljiljana Perkov
Kozmetički salon "DORA '98"

Ljiljana Perkov Pandhy’s sugar paste was a real discovery when we decided to introduce it to our clients. It took a little time, dedication and a lot of good will to convince our clients of the benefits of sugar paste for them and their skin but it was worth it. Today it is inconceivable not to have it in our salon because we have clients who are delighted with the results and they recommend us to their friends and family. The excellent quality of Pandhy’s sugar paste is that it provides the solution of almost every problem that clients have. The products for home use and the guidance of a trained cosmetic person in removing body hair will result in a happy client.

Beautician: Željka Huljić
Kozmetički salon M&Ž

Željka Huljić I decided on Pandhy’s sugar paste because it is a completely natural product and also very important it is completely hygienic. It took a little time to learn the technique but now the depilation whit sugar paste is my personal preferred one. Pandhy’s sugar paste is very consistent and I can mix all three consistencies in every situation. Clients how tried depilation whit Pandhy’s sugar paste and compare it to other on the market like the Pandhy’s sugar paste more because they had negative experiences whit other pastes like allergies. I recommend it to all my clients because it is good for skin and it doesn’t leave the skin red and dry. The clients who continually use it like the results. I like working with it because it can remove small body hair, can be used over and over again, there are no hot and painful irritations on the skin.