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Beautician: Anastasiya Slepykh
depilation master, SPA-Vostok spa saloon, 143 Kurmangazy str., office 1А, Izumrudnyi Gorod Residential compound, Almaty , Kazakhstan.

Anastasiya Slepykh I often had met across with various problems of my clients as practicing depilation specialist before I knew about Pandhy’s™, such as: major ingrown hair, which caused unpleasant itching, unbearable pain during procedure, especially with people with high pain limit, and much more negative moments which made one search for new ways to settle the problem.
Nowadays I am fully satisfied with Pandhy’s™ cosmetics, and in my opinion neither other cosmetics on sugar depilation can be compared with it on quality. Besides I quite truly recommend this product to all cosmetologists known to me. Since I mainly work with depilation and use sugar paste, so I can honestly tell that it suites me in all: it has pleasant warm consistency, it does not harm and irritate skin, and the most significant thing is a good ratio: cost – price – quality.
I use it with pleasure and recommend other Pandhy’s™ cosmetic products on face and body to my clients. I have very sensitive skin, but now the problem of choosing hypoallergenic cosmetics is not actual for me any longer. It should be noted that face cosmetologist uses Pandhy’s™ products in our saloon, and sugar cleaning is our "special go". Thank you, Pandhy’s™!

Beautician: Natalya Massalskaya
cosmetician- esthetician, Persona saloon, 126 Zheltoksan str., Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Natalya Massalskaya Though sugar depilation existed for several thousand years we opened unique procedure especially due to Pandhy’s™ . Clean smooth body looks more sexy and attractive. Women of Kazakhstan are sure in it. We tried many ways of body hair removal and Pandhy’sTM sugar depilation turned to be the best one...
Presently I`m sure that Pandhy’s™ elasticity and effectiveness has not analogs. Besides, I like Pandhy’sTM training method: the company does not just issue certificate after training, but also provides compulsory time to drill gained practical skills, and then examinations come. Thus, Pandhy’sTM bears responsibility for high qualification of its graduators, and creates high cost of its certified specialists. Pandhy’s™ master – is not stamping, but exclusively highest quality product!!!! And clients worthily evaluate it!
It is important for me as a specialist whether my client feels comfortable during procedure – since it is the question if he comes back again. That is why I`m so glad when my clients feel less pain (many of them get surprised: “already finished?”). And the most significant is that skin does not redden either as a rule. And when the client does not find any red dots, and tells next time that he has no ingrown hair, I understand that my client fell in love with Pandhy’sTM for THE REST OF HIS LIFE and me as well.
When working with Pandhy’sTM I collected majority of stories from my clients. They are different as people are various in nature, but emotion is the same – perfect!!!! Client refused from botulinus injection to armpit – just in 3 sugaring procedures hishyperhidrosis stopped. Excellent!!! Women are amazed that immediately after depilation they can rush for their date or move to rest! And there is no necessity to hide inflamed skin under thick clothes! Fantastic!!!
It is interesting that practically all clients ask 2 questions: in the beginning of procedure – "Why on Earth so many hair on body?". I shrugged my shoulders. In the end - "Who is so brilliant to invent such a wonderful procedure?”. I answered with pleasure – Pandhy’s™. Thank you for it.

Beautician: Elena Abdykadyrova
cosmetician- esthetician, ATRIUM day spa center. 241 Mukanov str.,Teatralnyi Residential compound, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Elena Abdykadyrova I offer only the best for my clients. When selecting products I searched for the one which allows using all benefits of sugar depilation as the method. Comments of specialists played decisive role. I realized that it was Pandhy’s™, and I was not mistaken. I, as a specialist, and my clients evaluated the highest quality of products, its natural composition and comfortable application. Pandhy’sTM works in any conditions and allows execution of any procedure to the maximum comfortable and highest level. And the most important fact, that I am sure in the results. It is such a pleasure to hear: "This procedure seems to be created especially for me". What more could one to add...