PANDHY'S™Testimonials: Latvia

Beautician: Irina Kavare
salon "Bariga" located in the outskirts of Riga

Irina Kavare I like to work with Pandhy’s because I like the condition of skin after procedure – skin is soft, regains elasticity and does not become dry. The extraction of hair is much delicate; hair does not brake while being extracted as opposed to traditional waxing. From point of view of business costs, I find the procedure very profitable as the consumption of work material is low. My customers truly enjoy the massage they receive whilst having depilation procedure.

Beautician: Solveiga Udrina
works at KOLONNA SPA in very centre of Riga

Solveiga Udrina Pandhy’s is a quick and easy way to do depilation. It is comfortable for me as beautician to perform the procedure, and customers are satisfied with the end result. Furthermore, hair re-growth after Pandhy’s sugaring slows down and ingrown hair problem diminishes.

Beautician: Evija Grabovske
salon "White Pearl" owner and performing beautician. Salon is located in Hotel Metropole in Kuldiga city (Mid-west Latvia)

Evija Grabovske I find Pandhy’s sugar paste very convenient and easy to use for bikini depilation. It is an easy way to solve ingrown hair problems. A special material for special clients who can appreciate the fundamental benefits this material provides: