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Beautician: Randi Bjørkli Kjær
Salon: BEAUTY ZONE, Revetal. Tønsberg area

Randi Bjørkli Kjær I have only positive experiences with using PANDHY'S™ sugar paste.
I've been working with warm wax for 7 years, but have now completely switched to sugar paste. I have not actually opened the hot wax system once after I went on sugar paste course!
In the beginning I thought sugaring took some longer than waxing, but when you master the technique, there are many benefits to be gained.
I especially like that all the "mess" can be washed with water, unlike wax which I had to use methylated spirit. The waste can be thrown as food waste, especially in my municipality where we are concerned with sorting.
It motivates me specifically that I can offer the removal of shorter hair than before, and that the skin is silky smooth and peels. Besides, I can increase my earnings because the frequency of customer visits, are frequent and customers are more satisfied. I also believe that there is a great advantage that sugar paste is not hot, I was accustomed to working with some very hot wax, which customers feel uncomfortable.
I can recommend PANDHY'S™ sugar paste because I see all the benefits of working with it, the opportunity to go in and remove areas of stubborn hair again and again several times, comfortable temperature, not to mention the smooth beautiful skin we leave the customer!
My clients say they are very satisfied with this system, and it is proved that they come again and again! They provide feedback that the skin is actually smooth and nice, not to mention that the hairs that come back are of a different and softer character than before.

Beautician: Cecilie Tranø
Salon: LOOKATME VG Passasjen, Oslo City

We have since we started with PANDHY'S™ hair removal system with sugarpaste, had a much broader customer base for hair removal. Among other things, those who have refused to remove hair with wax, because of pain, or reactions on sensitive skin. Customers are pleasantly surprised after trying PANDHY'S™ sugarpaste. It's fun, yes fun to work with this, and we have not had a dissatisfied customer since we started.
This method has a particular advantage in Brazilian. They who used to take with wax, will never do it again. And customers increasingly ask why in the world there are not many that offer this. We take 100 NOK more for Brazilian with sugar-paste, and that paying customers happy. Simultaneously experiencing both we and the customer, that the interval of a new treatment is extended by 1-2 weeks. Then it is still not more expensive for the customer. We find that customers are calling and need to shift the scheduled appointment, because the hair has not grown much. Customers also expresses satisfaction with feeling "operational" right after hair removal and do not experience the same disadvantages as is common with wax treatments.
Although, I do not use wax anymore.
I must honestly say that much of what was said during the course, the challenges seemed a little distant at the time, but the importance of practicing a lot after the course is the alpha and omega! It is important to try out with the hand technique and strip technique. And must dare to try - it is to crack the code.
Now we understand it and it floats by itself, and the best marketing we have is our customers.

Beautician: Hajni Pintyi
Salon: Relaxinfra, Rælingen - beside Lillestrøm

I have experienced many exciting things with sugar paste. I met a number of challenges in the beginning, which I eventually managed to solve. Many of my customers are pleasantly surprised that they experience less pain, some have said that this is comfortable, they are relaxed during treatment, some fall asleep while I take the legs. Have had several pregnant for bikini / brazilian and it's works great! The advantage of PANDHY'S™ is that you can work very easy and carefully with regard to the client's welfare.
I have lots of positive feedback. Many people appreciate that you focus on that they get a less painful treatment, and instead of "tearing everything" as quickly as possible to be done, as many have experienced with waxing. It is one of the major benefits of PANDHY'S™ hair removal system; to think about the customer's experience of treatment.
Bodytreatments with sugar is certainly new to many people, and customers like it .. Vacuum massage / lifting are super delicious! Or mud treatment is also a success. You get more "Life in the skin" less wrinkles, smoother skin and more passion to name a few.
Removal of vellus hair in face has become very popular with me. Customers feel clean, lighter, feels nice they say. It is a pleasure to work with PANDHY'S™ sugaring ... when customer leaves you relaxed and smiling, I think it says a lot, you do not need much explanation.

Beautician: Vibeke Jarnæs
Salon: Liberatio, Lillestrøm City

Heia Sugar!
Sugar Paste from PANDHY'S™ is a great "fun" product to work with and the customers are very satisfied! My experience with the removal of hair on face and body gives incredible results, and especially the feedback from facial treatments of those customers who normally use traditional wax provides no "pimples" bumps or side effects, and as they say "I'm even not fiery red".
Regrowth of hair on the legs and thighs are considerably less. I see that it is necessary with the first three treatments to remove hair in all growth phases, and then to keep it maintained. The overall experience with both pre-and post-treatment provides a more complete product and treatments that customers come again and again to get.