PANDHY'S™Testimonials: Russia

Beautician: Svetlana Sobko
Master of Beauticians
SHANS.U Studio for Epilation, Sochi, Krasnodarsk region, Russia

Svetlana Sobko I got known PANDHY'S™ 3 years ago – and I felt in love in Sugarpaste at once. I like working with Sugaring Techniques very much. I feel myself happy that I could get learnt the PANDHY'S™ people and I'm ready to learn more about PANDHY'S™ products and technology. The training was very good, I got known lot of techniques and products – I'm very motivated to use it in my saloon. Thank you very much for 1000-times!

Beautician: Tatiana Filimonova
PANDHY'S™ distributor in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Tatiana Filimonova We are so grateful for the invention of PANDHY'S™ sugar depilation system. Sugar depilation is really the best method of depilation for this moment. A great variety of PANDHY'S™ products gives an opportunity to professionals to offer the clients not only the depilation, but different types of spa and also home treatments. Non-allergical, natural cosmetic doesn't give problems but only positive results after procedures. Thank yu for qualitative products and stylish design!

Beautician: Sumilova Elena

Sumilova Elena PANDHY'S™ means for me the 'Beauty' – which we can convey to the clients with our own fingers. I feel myself simply happy that I could participate at the training in Moscow. However I have been working with PANDHY'S™ products and technology only for some months, but I'm sure: this is a unique concept from every aspects: the system is logical and understandable, the consistence of the products are perfect - beauticians can use their fantasy and creativity as well.
During the training in Moscow we got lot of useful and practical information, experienced and tasted the methods and results, which we can daily use in our saloons. I prefer furthermore the economic aspects as well – we can provide a high quality service to our guests and at the same time we can earn even a solid money because of the profitability of the products and technology.
Noemi – the Leading Cosmeticians of PANDHY'S™ - is a fantastic Beauty Trainer – the atmosphere was very familiar. After the training I felt myself as a member of a big 'Sweet'-Family, thank you!