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Beautician: Oksana Lutsyk

Oksana Lutsyk I'm Oksana Lutsyk from Lvov. I have been working with PANDHY'S™ products since 2011. Procedure of sugar SPA depilation by PANDHY'S™ is not only effective, but also it is less painful comparing with other methods. Paste doesn’t invoke any allergic reaction. I use it with no worry even for clients with very sensitive skin. Paste has natural flavor. Sugaring became an alternative for my clients, wax allergic people, and even more. Unquestionably the paste advantage is not only to remove undesirable hair, but to moisten the skin perfectly for a long time.

Beautician: Juliia Kozhemiakina

Juliia Kozhemiakina I'm Juliia Kozhemiakina. I've already been working with PANDHY'S™ for a year.
PANDHY'S™ products don't have any analogues at the market. Excellent quality of the paste removes even the thinnest and the shortest hair. The depilation duration became shorter, because the paste saves its ductility during the whole procedure. The client doesn't feel any discomfort at it putting on the most sensitive zone because of the paste temperature that accord with body temperature. Diminution of hair ingrowth is visible after the first procedure that makes it possible for us, cosmetologists, to enlarge the client base and to surprise regular clients.

Beautician: Lubov Iakymchuk
Odessa city

Tatiana Filimonova I’m pleasant and I feel comfortable to work with products by PANDHY'S™. With the help of PANDHY'S™ products the procedure of hair removing became magical ritual of the body skin caring because the procedure is painless and hygienic. And the most important is that, due to well selected ingredient combination of the products, the procedure of SPA-Sugaring became available for sensible and allergy inclined skin owners. My clients, my pupils and I more and more frequently notice positive results after having SPA-Sugaring magic ritual. PANDHY'S™ goods are reliable appliance for a cosmetologist!
Yours faithfully Lubov Iakymchuk (cosmetologist and methodologist of PANDHY'S™, Odessa city)