About the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by Gertrud Borbiro

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Good morning!

By now, practically everyone has spoken on the matter of coronavirus, but having seen the widespread fear and uncertainty in my own circles, I thought to also share with you my thought on the situation. 

While it probably won’t be coronavirus that drives humanity to extinction, the situation is undeniably worrying, and we would be wrong to underestimate its severity when it is having a profound impact on all aspects of our lives. Few among us have ever experienced such a crisis as this, we are not used to living in fears and under such restrictions, be they imposed by ourselves or the authorities. 

Our worries for our own health and that of those around us, the unpredictability of the future, financial uncertainty, and the many other problems we face will test us all and we will each react to it as our character dictates. This is, of course, fine, but as ever, empathy and calmness go a long way.

We in the cosmetics industry, be it as manufacturers, distributors or beauticians we’re among the first to experience the economic impact of the disease: a lack of customers, services and traffic, or even the complete business stream grinding to a halt. 

Of course, this affects all elements of virtually all of the world’s economies, and there is no doubt that hard times are ahead. Instead of panicking, however, let’s be grateful that our industry has proved time and time again that it is a highly survivable, flexible business that can quickly rise from its ashes and recover, once people get past the shock of the crisis and the situation returns to normal. 

It is worth using this involuntary break in business to creatively plan and prepare for the new start.

In the meanwhile, let’s be hopeful that the dry and hot summer weather will soon reach us, which usually presents a serious, if not invincible foe to the viruses.

Let’s also not forget to wash hand thoroughly and regularly, while also cleaning our personal items. I know that we are perhaps all tired of hearing about personal hygiene, but in this case, this is especially important. 

As an interesting piece of trivia, the novel coronavirus has a fatty capsule surrounding its central capsid, which carries complexes vital for the virus’ ability to enter the host cell and serves to conceal it from the host’s immune system. 

However, being composed of lipids, it also renders the virus sensitive to attack from even mild cleaning agents like soap and alcohol, while many other viruses, whose outermost layer is the protein-based capsid, are only sensitive to specialised virucides or very aggressive chemicals, meaning removing it from our environment really is in our hands. So the situation is definitely not hopeless 😊 

Let’s focus on ourselves and others around us, help each other wherever and however we can. Stay calm and remember that all the great cataclysms of history ultimately impacted humanity positively, and let us hope that it will be no different this time.  And most importantly do not miss the lessons of these historical times, because there is a lot to learn!

I wish everyone good health and lots of determination at this time,

Gertrud Borbíró

Founder & CEO of CosMed-PANDHY’S™


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