PANDHY'S™ Worldwide

We believe that brand PANDHY’S™ is a way of thinking. We know who we are and where we are going. The essence of our style is creativity, experimentation, constant movement and growth. We take risks and go against the conventions. We think that the only way to create uniqueness and to succeed is to leave the normal direction. This is how PANDHY’S™ can be a totally modern, pioneering brand in creating style and at the same have its roots in tradition and classical style.

PANDHY’S™ skincare philosophy is to treat the skin of your whole body with the same love, respect, and attention that you treat your face. Therefore, every product is designed to be used on your face and body in elegant and original packaging- with ecology, economy, and practicality in mind.

Pure formulas

The products are based on pure and rich, cleverly formulated bases.  All products follow the PANDHY’S™  doctrines, they are as “green” as possible, containing pure and natural, valuable and mainly plant originated ingredients, while being free from artificial colourings or fragrance.

We believe your skincare needs to be safe, simple, effective and unique to satisfy your day to day needs. With our mix and match approach, you can create a tailored skincare routine to suit the unique needs of your very own skin.

Professional education

When it comes to sugaring, in addition to the perfect tools, the correct working technique is crucial. That’s why we take the quality assurance at PANDHY’S ™ very seriously.  We certify and supply only trained and certified users, so you can be sure about the qualit of service that you receive.

With the new product lines, we also developed new trainings, to make sure we always have something new to help our highly appreciated beauticians. With the PANDHY’S Carrer Program part of which is the PANDHY’S™International Passport, also known as SUCCESSPORT, we are encouraging our partners with various ranks in recognition of their achievements.

We focus on you

Our products are created to meet your skin’s needs, to cover all of your wishes in the salon or in your skincare regime at home. The concept leans into the increasing obsession with natural products and safe formulas.

With our newest and most modern line, COSMIX, our products allow new levels of skincare customization in the salon or in your home. The globe-trotting lifestyle of modern people requires on-demand skin care, adjusting to changing temperatures and environmental pollution. Customized skin care has never been more necessary to ensure that skin remains in optimal health.

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