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About the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by Gertrud Borbiro

Good morning! By now, practically everyone has spoken on the matter of coronavirus, but having seen the widespread fear and uncertainty in my own circles, I thought to also share with you my thought on the situation.  While it probably won’t be coronavirus that drives humanity to extinction, the situation is undeniably worrying, and we […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Herbal anti-ageing health has used apple cider vinegar for ages since it contains wonderful, and even “magical” properties. Apple Cider Vinegar is used all over the world to assist with problems such as curbing appetite, detoxification agent helping to detoxify the body, weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is good slimming, diets, boosting […]

The Truth about Comedogenic Ingredients and Acne Prone Skin 

There is so much misinformation about comedogenic ingredients out there and I know acne-prone are very concerned about it, so I wanted to shed some light on the topic.  There are a few key things that you should know about this misleading word.    Defining “Comedogenic”  It’s easy to define in theory but hard to […]

About Parabens

I’m sure you’ve heard of parabens. They are broad-spectrum preservatives used in many mainstream cosmetics to keep beasties such as bacteria, mould and yeast out of your beauty products. There has been a LOT of controversy over them in the last decade since a study linked them to breast cancer tumours.   Many brands now proudly […]

Apply Skin Care in the Right Order   

Apply Skin Care in the Right Order  You might have the most amazing skincare routine in the world, but if you’re applying your products in the wrong order, you can prevent your skin from receiving the full benefits.   This can not only diminish the overall effectiveness of your routine, but it could even leave your skin […]

HAIR VIO! (High frequency device)

Month to month, I am always thinking about what to write, what readers might find interesting, which topics might eventually help the work of our partners, the communication with their own customers, guests, and so on. It would be easier if we had feedbacks, questions, or topic ideas. Lacking these, I can only write about […]

What causes acne?!

What causes acne?  The skin-care scenario: Before bed, you remove your makeup, cleanse your face, apply your skincare regimen of serums, toners, and creams, and snuggle up between the sheets to get your 8 hours of precious beauty sleep.   The next morning, you hop out of bed to discover the beginnings of a monster zit. […]

Coconut oil – Everything you need to know

With the rising popularity of  coconut oil, many people have become interested in how to use coconut oil for skin care.  Unfortunately, because applying coconut oil to the skin is a relatively new concept for most people, the whole process can seem confusing, and slightly intimidating.  I’ve put together a simple guide that explains everything you need […]

What Does SPF Mean? –  let’s talk about sun protection!

There are two reasons why I chose this topic for my article; first because it’s the sunbathing season; and on the other hand, because it’s the debut of our long-awaited PANDHY’S™ sunscreen products. Every person’s skin has a certain tolerance for sun, and SPF (Sun Protection Factor) multiplies that tolerance. If you can spend 15 minutes […]

How to sleep well in the heatwave?

Everybody is talking about the hot weather, we can’t stop complaining, but it’s summer and when should it be hot if not now! The internet and all the other media are full of this topic, giving advice on how we can survive the summer; drink a lot, don’t sunbathe too much, etc. Originally, I did […]