PANDHY’S™ Business Fitness Program 01

We are launching our Business Fitness Program, which is a weekly series offering you some ideas for development.

We are going to go through a  couple of topics that could be completely new to you, maybe already familiar but not really understood or even known and  used by you as well. Anyway, revision is key to make sure new habits stick!

Let’s use these quieter times to build some business muscles 💪🏼

Boy studying with computer and books. Back to school, online education concept vector illustration in flat style


Some might call it decluttering, or organising, or creating a sense of order in but we can all cut to the chase and call it “getting your shit together”. 🙂

Clutter can weigh on your mind and make you feel overwhelmed, this goes for your business, computer, files, desk or even for your home.

A clean desk isn’t always a promise for great ideas – in fact, some people see through their own gorgeous chaos, but sometimes it’s nice to have a space that’s free from distraction, with everything ready to go, quick to find and within reach.

This is can be much more than putting old or broken objects, files or documents into bags, decluttering can be a therapeutic process that, when done with the right mindset, brings your the feeling of relief, calm, peace of mind, happiness, creativity, focus and motivation.

Decluttering should always be a positive experience, therefore start only when you have a couple of hours and tackle the job in small portions.

Start with e-mails (select the ones that are done and file them away with a label or colour, star the ones you need to work with etc.), go through your files, it is time to delete old downloads and screenshots, especially old versions of logo and pictures!!!

You could go through your client files, invoices, course materials etc. or move on to the physical things like the actual clutter on your desk and office.

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In the 21st century, education has taken a new turn with technology being at the forefront. How we learn has changed drastically because how we study has changed as well. Technology is seeping into our education system and remote learning, online classes, and online courses are becoming the norm of the day.

Especially now, with most of us being forced to stay at home and unfortunately most of the businesses are shutting down, it is a great idea to use this time wisely and enroll for some of the online classes.

Why these are benefitial?

  • Flexible schedule
  • Keeping up with changing trends
  • Vast choice of courses
  • Considerably lower cost
  • Learn at your pace

Here at CosMed, we are launching our own version of a couple of courses online, for you and for your clients as well. These can be translated and used by you, for your own clients as well.

There are also various sites, like Udemy, SkillShare, Masterclass etc.  where you can find fun and useful courses for social media strategies, economic studies and other great new tools for you.


Another great thing to do is to prepare for the time after these restrictions. As it can be seen in the Asian market, the economy starts to awaken at a rapid pace, clients are eager to finally get their treatments again, to learn a new skill for their salon and since most small businesses went bankrupt, there is a huge vacuum now, especially in this industry. Therefore it would be great to prepare as much as you can. With restocking your warehouses, or at least to plan your next orders, to draft new course papers and to encourage your clients with positive information about your operation still being there for them when things return into the positive.

Use this time for thinking like an outsider. Check your websites ( for old logos etc.), click through the course materials, see if there are any spelling errors, missing or outdated information.


Starting an online shop in 2020 should not even be a question.

Let’s see the benefits of eCommerce:

  • 24/7 shopping: These websites allow shoppers to peruse products and make buying decisions at any time, day or night. This makes shopping easier for customers, and that kind of accessibility is a huge competitive advantage. Plus, integration with social media allows businesses to take advantage of even more channels to engage with customers.
  • Widened scope: A physical store is limited to selling to customers who are in the area. eCommerce websites extend businesses to people all over the country or around the world, vastly expanding its customer base and potential revenue. Selling online also offers the ability to broaden or increase inventory — the number of items a business can sell online doesn’t need to be limited in the same way as a physical store, which might be a consideration to increase cash flow.
  • Purchase-funnel clarity: Currently, it’s nearly impossible to track how often a single customer comes to a physical store to browse before making a purchasing decision. However, an online store can track a customer’s every click, providing valuable insights into the purchasing process and paving the way for marketing opportunities (such as abandoned cart emails) to nudge customers who may be on the fence about purchasing.

There are great opportunities to start your shop the easy way, for instance the CosMed created version or great global softwares like WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix or PrestaShop.


As the world continues to evolve, it is important that as business owners, we don’t remain static. And seeing as a lot of this evolution has to do with the web, it is essential that we start to take our businesses online and create a strong presence.

That’s why having an online presence is important.

It helps consumers find your brand and it helps them learn about your reputation before making a purchase. Eventually, all of this information will play a role in your customer’s purchasing decision.

However, if you’ve not always been web-savvy, building an online presence can be tiring, confusing and frustrating.

To help, let’s break the steps down so you can start building your presence immediately.

  • Set your goals
    Write your plan, make it plain. Itemize your set goals, aims and objectives and carefully strategize on how you intend to achieve your goals.
  • Get SEO
    Being solid starts with your website. It should be the central place where your audience can learn more about your brand and what you have to offer and how people can contact you for your services. However, this won’t have any impact if your webpage is drowned in a sea of content on the web. And this is where SEO  ( Search Engine Optimization) comes in.
  • Be consistent and create value
    Whether it’s your Instagram or your Facebook account, always provide consistent value first. This would help you to attain credibility and then, you slowly become an authority in your field, hereby carving a niche for yourself, which is very important for your online growth and visibility.
  • Keep track
    How do you know whether all this hard work is paying off? Keep track. Don’t just seat in front of your screen day in and out and expect that your plan is falling into place just because you’re following the process. Keep track. Check the number of likes your posts garner daily. Is your presence growing daily on Facebook while Instagram seems not to? Keep track. This would inform you on whether or not to change strategy or keep you satisfied that you seem to be doing the right thing

Since there is no hard and fast rule to these things, don’t be afraid to play around with your methods in the beginning to see what works best for you and your audience.

Over time, you will learn what works for you and what doesn’t.