HAIR VIO! (High frequency device)

Month to month, I am always thinking about what to write, what readers might find interesting, which topics might eventually help the work of our partners, the communication with their own customers, guests, and so on. It would be easier if we had feedbacks, questions, or topic ideas. Lacking these, I can only write about things that keep me interested right now.

For now, I have chosen hair and scalp care, as one of my products in the lab-phase targets the treatment of these, therefore I have been deeply immersed in this topic for a long time.

The other reason why I chose this topic is our new 6:1 electro cosmetic appliance, which includes, among other things, the high-frequency “magic” device, VIO, which has long been a proven tool for the treatment of the scalp as well.

It is specifically indicated for the treatment of seborrheic, oily scalp, dandruff and hair loss.

Its operating principle is well known; as a result of its use, blood vessels dilate, local blood supply to the skin improves, nutrient supply of the cells and through this, skin regeneration increases. Ozone (O3) arisen on the surface of the skin disinfects, tightens the pores, reduces the function of sebaceous glands, offering a remedy to the oily scalp problem.

Applying it as a course of treatments, it significantly improves the overall condition of the scalp. During the treatment, the skin is exposed to direct electrical effects, which triggers physical and chemical stimuli in it, which then results in the above-mentioned enhanced blood supply and cellular metabolism, and it revitalizes the “sleeping” hair follicles, which makes it an efficient tool for the treatment of hair loss and it stimulates hair growth.

The oxygen molecules that get on the skin through the glass electrodes help remove the dead cells of the scalp, resulting in a significant improvement in the penetration of different scalp care and scalp nourishing products, and enhancing their effect.

Having mentioned hair loss, it might be worth noting that this problem is not just genetics! Of course, the role of genetics is not disputable, but it is good to know the 8 external factors that play a significant role in hair loss, and that paying attention to these, we might control and somewhat slow down the processes.

These factors are:

  1. USE OF POOR QUALITY HAIR CARE PRODUCTS – Pay attention to the ingredients, as hair care products are particularly exposed to various user requirements, such as volume increase, silky touch, easy to comb, and so on, and to reach these, producers have to turn to chemicals that have bad effect on scalp and hair.
  2. STRESS – this is the thing that we always pick and blame about everything. With a good reason this time as well, as unfortunately, it causes an imbalance in the chemical system of the body, which damages the health of our hair as well.
  3. HOT WATER – no matter how pleasant a hot shower might be, unfortunately, hot water doesn’t do good to our hair and to our skin, as it removes natural oils from the skin and hair, and dries the follicles.
  4. HOT HAIR DRYER – Like hot water, it is harmful, weakens follicles and hence the hairs.
  5. COMBING WET HAIR – Freshly washed hair is sensitive and less resistant. Many of you may have observed that when you comb wet hair with a brush or comb, more hair falls out than when you brush or comb dry hair. This is exactly the reason why, so it is worth waiting for a little with the brush after hair wash!
  6. TOO TIGHT PONYTAIL – Wearing a too tight ponytail or bun regularly also weakens and breaks hairs.
  7. PHARMACEUTICALS – Unfortunately many medicines can cause hair loss. It is worth paying attention to this, and avoiding such medicines from the therapy.
  8. INAPPROPRIATE DIET – A diet that is poor in vitamins, minerals and trace elements can also lead to hair loss, or it can accelerate the process of baldness. Among others, Omega 3 , vitamin C, vitamin B5 and vitamin A, iron, folic acid and beta carotene are essential for the health of our hair.

I suggest treating our guests’ scalps as well, providing them with advice and good quality caring products. The success is guaranteed, and it is not a bad business idea either!

I wish you all a pleasant weekend.

Gertrud Borbíró