How to sleep well in the heatwave?

Everybody is talking about the hot weather, we can’t stop complaining, but it’s summer and when should it be hot if not now!

The internet and all the other media are full of this topic, giving advice on how we can survive the summer; drink a lot, don’t sunbathe too much, etc.

Originally, I did not plan to get into the line of advisors, but recently I became an earwitness of a conversation about the horrors of heatwave. The group were discussing that they couldn’t sleep at night and were giving advice to each other on how to solve the problem.

Based on what I heard, I thought that it might be interesting and useful to talk a little bit about this topic and decided to share with you the results of an interesting study recently published by a group of Australian dieticians as it happens to be relevant to this topic.

The participants of the conversation mentioned earlier totally agreed that what we eat, and in particular, what we eat for dinner does matter a lot when it comes to a good night’s sleep. And they were absolutely right about this, as well as about their judgement that bean soup with smoked knuckles is not the most ideal dinner, especially during the summer, as the digestion of this, and similarly rich dishes generates heat, which increases the body temperature worsening the chances of sleeping well in a hot night.

However, what the participants of the conversation were wrong about was that it is a good idea to close the day with ice cream, as it cools our sufferings from the inside of our body. The cooling effect does really happen when the ice cream gets into our mouth and our stomach; but this is a very short sensation, after which the situation changes fast, because the body starts to digest the ice cream which is also not an easy task for it due to the high carbohydrate and fat content, so the bad news is that the ice cream also triggers the internal heating of the body.

And now comes the most interesting addition to the topic: the Australian researchers mentioned above found a perfect dinner for hot weather, and this miracle food is nothing else than the egg, also well-known from the breakfast tables.

So, the advice is that if we want to sleep well, we should eat egg; firstly, because it is easy to digest, and also because it contains natural sedatives that help produce the „sleepiness-causing” melatonin.

Egg is a rich source of the essential amino acid called tryptophan, from which the body creates, among others, vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) and serotonin, and from the serotonin it creates melatonin, which is the precursor of neurotransmitters necessary for natural sleep, and these „messenger molecules” switch our brain into night mode, ensuring a deeper, more relaxing and longer sleep, even during the hot weather.

So, let’s have eggs for dinner, sleep well, and enjoy the hot weather as long as we can.

Have a very pleasant summer,

Gertrud Borbíró