Lotion information

Dear All,

as the new formulas of the lotion and crème products came out, I would like to give you a piece of short information on those, that might be also useful for you in the communication with your clients.

In general:

  • All the reformulated preparations are conserved with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is widely used in medicine and also in cosmetics, for ages now. Nowadays it became a bit controversial in the common supposition, because of the claims of  “cure-all” qualities. Anyway, you might have to face with oppositions, so I suppose to get know the element.

Why we use colloidal silver? Because it is antiseptic and disinfectant, it kills all bacteria, algae, and fungi in vitro, even effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

It can be also generally stated, that in all cases we significantly increased the concentration of the active ingredients for more effectiveness.

  • In the frame of the safe cosmetics philosophy, we are using a new emulsifying agent in all formulas, this is the Glyceryl Monostearate SE. This is accepted by even the greenest and the most organic minded people!
  • Tapioca starch is added as viscosity increasing agent and aqueous, and mainly because of the velvet effect that it leaves back on the skin

Product by product:


  • rathany/krameria triandra extract contain is tripled → more intensive anti-inflammation and healing effect.
  • menthol is added for its local soothing, healing effect

ACV Cure

  • apple cedar vinegar contain is too good and has so many essential effects that we can benefit from, so we doubled the contain. Due to this high concentration, it is a miraculous tool – among others – to cure psoriasis, eczema, acne. It is very good in treating any type of skin allergy that is causing itchiness. …and of course, it is a perfect after-epil/depilation care-product, also as aftershave.

Please do not judge the smell of it by simple smelling it in the bottle! Judge the smell by applying some of it on your living skin and let the vinegar smell to evaporate, a nice, fresh citrus type of smell stays behind! Do not forget – and also remind your clients, that if we want to operate with the beneficial effects of the vinegar, then it has to be there!

Because of the high concentration (7%) of the vinegar, the ACV is really a milk type of lotion. Which is OK in the pump bottle (500 ml) but requires a little attention and special care in case of the tube version. Please teach your clients to use the tube accordingly!


  • first of all, we found the source of the almost-clear (not amber color as earlier) of grape seed extract, so the brownish color is not anymore there. Instead, we add blue chamomile, which is a beautiful material with its extreme calming and anti-inflammation and cooling, harmonizing effects, but because if its intensive, deep blue color, it is causing the little grayish color of the crème, and also effects the smell.


  • new Lyli operates with the complex softening effect of the olive, avocado and coconut oil, and of course with anis and sweet fennel.