natural minerals – safe colors

Using mineral make up is not a new idea. It was women who entered world history for their beauty. Nefertari, the favourite wife of Ramses the Second, Nefertiti, the unforgotten wife of the heretic pharaoh Akhenaton or Queen Cleopatra, who already used powdered minerals cosmetically.

Minerals are naturally occurring solids with a very specific chemical composition and a special crystal structure. Minerals occur on Earth in a variety of colours and shapes. All rocks of our planet or other celestial bodies are made of minerals. We all know the most beautiful stones as gemstones. For example, aquamarines, opals, rubies, emeralds etc.

Why is PANDHY’S™ Mineral Make Up the ideal make up?

PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Up opens a new generation in decorative cosmetics, using only the pure minerals, leaving the skin softer and more beautiful, the eyes brighter and the lips fuller and all the colors natural!

PANDHY’S™ Mineral Make Up is made exclusively from the highest quality minerals and botanicals in the world. The minerals are 100% inorganic, so inactive. Bacteria can not colonize and therefore they do not need conservation. As a result, they are durable indefinitely. The minerals protect the skin from environmental influences and cover them perfectly. The application technique, the crystals are placed like a net on the skin. They do not penetrate the follicles but additionally protect the skin. The Mineral Make Up offers a sun protection up to the sun protection factor 20.

Our make-up lasts all day and does not need any improvement but can be refreshed with lavender or rosewater anytime. PANDHY’S™ Make Up has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes irritations and inflammations. It is water resistant by its nature and softens wrinkles and wrinkles. Due to their inorganic nature, they are ideal for oily skin and acne problems. The contained zinc oxide has antiseptic and healing properties.

PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Up fulfils the wishes of every user for a perfect make-up:

  • natural beauty
  • a flawless complexion
  • fresh and a more youthful appearance
  • caring, does not stress the skin
  • not irritating
  • long-lasting
  • water resistant

The first airbrush system with water-based minerals!

The airbrush make-up technique which has been popular in the USA for decades, provides new opportunities for make-up. This solution is the most modern make-up technology of our era (the 2010s) and has become a critical element for experienced professional make-up artists as well as for perfectionist beauticians. This technology means immaculate, fine-tuned make-ups with the most natural and vivid look.

Cleanness has been an important aspect during the development of the technique, by eliminating hand touch, therefore there is no chance for inflammation or infection. PANDHY’S™ has taken this idea further, providing only pure, nurturing and healing products for the skin; put on smoothly, evenly and perfectly thin to give the perfect natural look, only in a few minutes.

The special feature and novelty of the PANDHY’S™ airbrush system lies in the composition and quality of the materials and colors used.

PANDHY’S™ powdAIR mist on paints have water-based formulas in which the coloring materials are already well-known PANDHY’S™ mineral powders. The colors contain no additives, they are oil, silicone, paraben and artificial fragrance-free.

The apple water – just like any other PANDHY’S™ fruit water – is obtained from the fruit by vacuum evaporation technology. This method leaves the valuable elements of the fruit intact, therefore the anti-oxidant, nourishing, hydrating, emollient, revitalizing and toning effect will apply, which also contributes to the perfect and natural make-up.