who we are?

We come from the heart of Europe, Hungary. Our company, CosMed Ltd. was founded in 2004 for the production and distribution of its own proprietary the PANDHY’S™ Beautifying Sugar Cosmetics and its unique Depilatory Sugar Paste.

Nowadays, far surpassing the initial expectations of the founders, under the brand PANDHY’S™, there are hundreds of solely developed innovative, natural composition professional and retail cosmetics worldwide in the market of over 40 countries on four continents. The more than a decade of operation brought numerous prestigious international awards, professional recognition and success for business.

Being the proud sponsors for the EuroSkills & WorldSkills competition for more than 2 years in the Beauty Therapy Skill, we provide all competitors with the products for facial and body treatments as well as hair removal!

our philosophy

We believe that brand PANDHY’S™ is a way of thinking. We know who we are and where we are going. The essence of our style is creativity, experimentation, constant movement and growth. We take risks and go against the conventions. We think that the only way to create uniqueness and to succeed is to leave the normal direction. This is how PANDHY’S™ can be a totally modern, pioneering brand in creating style and at the same have its roots in tradition and classical style.

PANDHY’S™ skincare philosophy is to treat the skin of your whole body with the same love, respect, and attention that you treat your face. Therefore, every product is designed to be used on your face and body in elegant and original packaging- with ecology, economy, and practicality in mind. 

We believe your skincare needs to be safe, simple, effective and unique to satisfy your day to day needs. With our mix and match approach, you can create a tailored skincare routine to suit the unique needs of your very own skin.

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