PANDHY’S™ SweetRetard – new candy on the PANDHY’S™ palette

Professional cosmetic trends that excite the market are upon each other. Now, in the area of depilation, we live in the era of hair growth inhibitor products. As a key player in the market, CosMed also gives you its answer to the problem.

People believe in the promise of permanent hair removal unto death and relentlessly. They believe that the beam of light flashes a few times, or that by the effect of the very expensive and very special solutions anointed a few times, as a rule, once and for all they will get rid of their hairs.

The SweetRetard family, created by the philosophy of PANDHY’S™, does not target and does not promise a universal effective for all causing ever-more-hair. The illusory marketing of permanent hair removal has been worn out by the manufacturers of laser-equipments and later by the manufacturers of IPL equipments. Those who offer modern time chemicals operate with this as well.


We know and believe that by PANDHY’S™ sugar paste and related hair removal procedure we have at our hands the most perfect instrument for regulating hair growth, through which all physical effects, applying them conceptually will work for everyone. However, we know that for this result it is essential to apply the technique perfectly, the appropriate frequency and the highest level of cooperation between the cosmetician and guest. Because these are unfortunately not always given; some assistance cannot hurt, this is why we created the SweetRetard products!


The duration of the human hair growth, the length of the hair, its density, the color and thickness of the hairs is influenced by more than 1000 (!) known, scientifically described factors. We also know that there are at least another 1000 factors, which we do not yet know.


Ergo, what the PANDHY’S™ SweetRetard concept is offering and promises that is the scientifically and empirically well supported durable and perfect hair removal. By perfection, we mean the health and beauty of the treated skin and the structure control of the hair’s appearance. This includes the elimination of the skin and hair growth disorders without the side effects and risks.


With the SweetRetard procedure, based on physical and chemical effects an average of 23-25% of retardation can be reached in about 3 weeks, and all kinds of inflammation and ingrowth can be completely terminated. The result is the perfectly clean pores, hydrated skin, a significant change in hair texture, color and density.


The physical base of the PANDHY’S™ SweetRetard concept is provided by the qualitatively and quantitatively competently executed sugar paste depilation.


The chemical ”assistance” is provided by the carbamide – that is one of the most important end product of protein breakdown, it can be found in almost all body fluids. It also occurs in the horn layer of the normal skin in about an 8 µg/cm² quantity. By reaching the papilla cells and the germinative cells of the hair root the carbamide, by significantly slowing down the cell metabolism, and by protein degradation destructs the hair growth.


The other active ingredient is the salicylic acid – willow bark extract also used for the treatment of acne, psoriasis, callus, corn, keratosis pilaris, and warts. It speeds up the peeling of the epidermis, thus the sebaceous glands do not clog up, and the new skin will form faster. Here we use the effect of the latter that also helps the penetration of the active ingredient, or, alternatively it is a good tool for the treatment and prevention of ingrowing and it has an intensive anti-inflammatory effect.


The vegetal peptides are also important, the magic walnut pore astringent um. with a tonic effect, the anesthetic and soothing effect of arnica, the menthol cools and helps the epithelium formation, and the soy softens the skin and soothes making the overall impact complete.