Physics of the perfect hair removal

Let us look to the bottom of PANDHY’S™SugarDepilation’s philosophy! In order to become the masters of sugar, it is necessary to understand its practical and physical background in every detail.

First of all, please allow me to define the concept of PANDHY’S™depilation itself.

What we are aiming at in this area is the scientifically and empirically well supported durable and perfect hair removal. Where perfection means the health and beauty of the treated skin and the structure control of the hair’s appearance. Also, where the guest may continuously enjoy the experience of lack of hair. Namely, we undertake nothing less than one of the most complicated functions of our organization, we wish to keep hair growth under control.

We know that the duration of the human hair growth, the length of the hair, its density, the color and thickness of the hairs is influenced by more than 1000 (!) known, scientifically described factors. We also know that there are at least another 1000 factors, mechanisms and functions in this subject, which we do not yet know.

Partially, these facts have led us to the conviction that it is best to approach this problem from the physical effects side. For everybody reacts to the physical effects, equally and predictably at all times, unlike for the chemical effects.

For this, we need a material that is able to serve this concept. Let us see what is inside the PANDHY’S™sugar jar:

Sugar and water. What kind of sugar? Glucose. What is glucose? A molecule also is known well by the human body, a monosaccharide. Why is this good? First of all, because we can completely rule out every allergy against it! Then also, because due to the quality of the material and to the size of the molecule it penetrates without any obstacle.

So given a molecular size material that is able to, with a properly applied either manual or applicator application, flow in the follicles to a certain depth.

What happens exactly during the application?

The sugar surrounds the hair, and being virtually embedded in the sugar it rises from the follicle during the extraction. This is the only way for the length of the hair to be indifferent from the viewpoint of successful depilation. Such a material is required, which is objectively capable of penetration, and of course, we need to use the technique well enough for this to actually happen during the application!

Hair growth is influenced by a number of known and at least as much yet unknown factors. What we factually know, however, is that the number of human follicles is on average 100.000. In the course of our lives, no new follicles develop, this is all we have and that’s that. We also know that the lifetime of the follicle is finite. Each follicle is capable of growing about 20 hairs in their lifetime.

Let us imagine an anagen, in other words, a growth phase hair! It is in direct contact with everything that surrounds it, what created it, what controls its formation and growth. We can see that the repeated hair removal in the anagen phase physically hurts, thereby damages the follicle, namely, it artificially accelerates the depletion of the follicles.

So, there is a tool in our hands with what we can physically damage the follicle, making it unsuitable to grow a new hair. We can do all this without intervening in the body’s hormonal, biological and chemical equilibrium.

Learn how You can deal with sugar, and have it turn into gold in your hands for the delight of your guests and you!