PANDHY’S™ Sweet Sugar Secrets

In our treatments we prove that sugar is the most natural and innovative raw material of all cosmetic treatments. The  PANDHY’S™ safe cosmetics product line is the most comprehensive line around the sugar. The unique and central focus of this line is the active ingredient glucose, which occurs in some form in almost every product. Glucose is an endogenous substance that is skin-affine and hypoallergenic to the skin, and can penetrate into the deepest skin layers as a tiny transporter. Lower, than all other industrial agents. That’s why we use it as a carrier. The products contain no paraffins, no parabens, no silicones, no plastics, no synthetic fragrances, fillers or dyes and of course they are not tested on animals. The range includes products such as cleansers, active water, treatments, oils, special sea salt, and enzyme peels, mud masks, massage sugar and a natural hair care series.

No matter what your wishes are for your skin, what your needs would be, we have got you covered. We have plenty of pre-designed treatments for face and body but our treatments can be personalized and each modul can be changed according to your wishes. Do you like more thick, oily consistensies? Go for our formulas that you enjoy the most. If your preference is more light and easily absorbed textures you can choose your favourite for each section.

As seasons change, so do our skin’s needs. Why settle for just one type of products all year round? Pamper yourself with PANDHY’S™  and enjoy products forface, body and soul.

  • natural

    works with the body’s own substance, glucose, no paraffins, parabens or artificial perfumes

  • highly compatible

    is suitable also for sensitive and damaged skin, no contraindications, no irritations

  • regenerative

    effective support of natural skin functions; experience clean, soft, radiant skin

  • rich and potent

    creative product range that enables individual problem-solving in the cosmetics cabin

  • face lifting

    Anti Aging with Gua Sha, Rose Quarz and Jade

  • body treatments

    Detox & Wraps, Mud Baths, Anti Aging, Deluxe, Hollistic Rituals

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