Sugaring from top to toe

Regeneration by the power of glucose

Everybody has heard of sugaring. Sugar paste used to be a rarity, but by now it’s become indispensable in any refined beauty salon.

The latest sweet sensation is skin regenerating sugar therapy, which aims to facilitate new collagen synthesis and to improve skin activity.

During this therapy we exploit the fact that sugar epilation is proven to cause micro-scarring. The depth and size of these scars depend on the type of hair and the stage of its growth at the time of epilation. The scars set off the body’s own healing process, that’s basically the same as increasingly popular Medical Needling, only natural.

The procedure could be called medical sugaring, as it very similar to collagen induction therapy. Reducing the invasiveness of the treatment to the minimum, it activates the collagen production and the natural physiological processes of the body.

The procedure stimulates the immune system and increases tissue micro-circulation, activating the skin even more.

The entire body is covered with hair, even though the fine, pigment and subcutaneous tissue lacking vellus hair seems like nothing more than fluff. Getting rid of it causes micro-scars on the skin.

For customers disliking the idea of epilating vellus hair, and male clients worried about the connections of follicles, PANDHY’S™ sugar is nothing but good news. This glucose solution penetrates into deep skin tissue and offers gentle, non-extractive means of micro-scarring the skin.

PANDHY’S™ is a complex system of pure, safe ingredients of special biotechnological origin and of additional products to be used during salon treatments and as part of the home skincare routine.

Experience the sweetest of skin regeneration methods!