TRUE DELIGHT™ – source of true delight beauty

“I am proud to present TRUE DELIGHT ™, the product range of the new luxury cosmetics line from PANDHY’S ™. It is not easy to be special, to renew yourself from time to time. For me it is a life-long incentive, the only worthwhile way to be. I’ve always wanted to create unique products in my life, unlike others, but I’ve always wanted to excel in quality, originality and creative innovation. Being creative is more than just being different. Creativity is courageous and risky. For me, creativity – love life and live it with an open mind! Then you have made your contribution to the beauty of life. “

Sincerely, Gertrud Borbíró

TRUE DELIGHT™ – Natur, united with science

  • Simple formulas

    Fewer components, but more effect due to high active ingredient content, no additives

  • Natural composition

    Noble vegetable raw materials; Flowering water, vegetable oils and soft butter, beeswax, sugar and essential oils

  • Innovative creations

    The water phase of the emulsions is purest floral water (Hydrol)

  • Elegant and original packaging

    Environmentally conscious, economical and practical

  • „Nature & Progrès" qualification

    The guarantee of purity and excellent quality

Nature & Progrès Qualifikation:

  • 100 % organic compounds
  • 0 % synthetic raw materials
  • 0 % synthetic fragrance or dyes
  • 0 % petroleum derivatives, such as paraffin, PEG and silicones
  • 0 % GM raw materials
  • absolutely no parabens or phenoxylethanol
  • prohibits ionization of raw materials
  • degradable or recyclable packaging
  • no animal testing
  • animal raw materials come exclusively from controllable biological economic enterprises