Vanity, the name is man

This article is about something personal. Today is my father’s birthday.
While thinking about what to buy to him as a present, realized how difficult it is to surprise a man, and give him something that makes him really happy, or something that he really needs. It is particularly true if it is a cosmetic product. Of course, it is really easy to take a perfume off the shelf, but time flies over men as well, and their skin also needs personalized care. Beauty salons, however, are mostly visited by women, but we can also help them chose the right product as it is exactly them who are targeted by advertisements because it’s them who take care of men and the whole family.

For example, I cannot see my son buying a PANDHY’S™ACV for himself in a beauty salon,
but I brought him one, and now, he can’t shave without it anymore. I looked around a bit, to see what’s happening around the world, and found some startling data:

  • Young men between 18-26 start skin care more and more early. Once they enter the
    job market, their skin care habits become more complex.
  • The market of male skin care and cosmetic products is expected to reach 1,9 billion
    yuan in China in 2019, which is growing twice as fast as the global cosmetics market.

Personal care products have become increasingly popular with young people in recent years. The increase of disposable income, online shopping and the growing tendency of the development of the retail sector has increased the demand towards male cosmetics in the global market and is expected to generate 166 billion USD in revenue by 2022.
The holidays are coming, let’s help men, and let’s get our share of the global success story!

But what kind of skin care should men use?
If they want to have healthy skin in the long run, it’s time to look for quality products (i.e. those that do not contain irritating ingredients)! Unfortunately, products pressed into masculine packages, with „masculine” fragrances often turn out to be bad choices.

What should he use instead of these – and when?

Offers from the PANDHY’S™ range: morning & evening:
Wash the face with a gentle, irritant-free and scent-free face wash that can easily be rinsed off with water.
A PANDHY’S™ SigmaLine Washing foam is sugar tenside based – paraben-free and sulfate-free – and is perfect for everyday cleansing. Due to its natural and skin-friendly composition, it gently cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.
Or, choose the PANDHY’S™ Purifying Foam Powder, the foamy soap of the modern era.

It is a powder based, intense, enzymatic cleanser with a peeling effect, for cleaning the skin of the face and neck thoroughly, but gently. The product normalizes the production of sebum, cleans the pores, thus hindering the formation of comedos and acne.

The usage of it is mainly simple:
pour a little bit of washing powder into your damp palm, gently foam it up, and with circular moves, massage it onto the surface to be cleaned. Rinse it off. Or, you can use the TD™ Macadamia-Mint Toning Soap, a mixture of mint and lemon oil, which refreshes and invigorates the skin as well as the soul. It controls the production of sebum. Because of its high palmitic acid content, virgin macadamia oil has an antioxidant effect, it helps delay the appearance of the visible signs of aging.

For toning, you can choose from lavender, mint, yarrow and hamamelis floral waters.
morning: Shave with gentle shaving foam, free of irritating agents and fragrances. The TD™ DSG
Shave and Care Cream provides a pleasant shaving experience, and it soothes and
nourishes the sensitive skin after shaving. This product is easy to apply, it protects the skin
effectively from eventual irritation after shaving, and leaves a pleasant, sweet-wooden,
masculine scent.

In the morning:
Use PANDHY’S™ACV CURE body lotion after shaving. It has excellent anti-inflammatory, soothing and epithelial regenerating effect, in case of sensitive skin we recommend using it after shaving instead of aftershave lotion.
It might sound strange for men especially, that it is really important to use sunscreen 365 days a year. But you should know that the number one reason for the formation of wrinkles and brown spots is skin damage due to sunlight. The PANDHY’S™ Spray On Shield is a transparent skin protecting zinc oxide spray enriched with herbal ingredients and antioxidants providing a wide spectrum UVA and UVB protection, as well as protecting the skin against the harmful effects of high-energy, visible (HEV) light. (the usage of it is almost mandatory for those who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the screen). It spreads evenly and dries quickly, resulting in a matt skin surface, it is an ideal care and protection product for all skin types.

In the evening:
After washing your face, use a peeling. PANDHY’S™ COSMIX AHA cocktail- tone & texture enhancer is a product known for its high alpha hydroxy acid content, and is composed of juicy fruits which are made even more efficient by adding glycol, milk, almond, and citric acid to it. By using this preparation regularly, due to the variety and complexity of fruity acids, the tone and texture of the skin improve, skin redness decreases, as well as inflammatory skin problems and the formation of comedos. This step will make your morning shave routine easier and will help you eliminate pimples and other skin imperfections.

Morning & evening:
Use a good quality moisturizer. PANDHY’S™ HydroBase is a light, quick absorbing, neutral moisturizing cream that can quickly and spectacularly fill the surface of the skin. TD™ MOUSSE DIVINUS is a butter-oil composition rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, it’s a perfect skin nourishing and regenerating, intense care product. But let’s not forget about the personalized Cosmix face cream, that is full of Inka active ingredients, not to mention Cosmix Boosters that slow down cellular oxidation and decrease the formation of free radicals with the perfect synergy of carefully selected herbal extracts, making the tone of the skin radiant again, and the complexion of the skin even again. Use as everyday deodorant the TD™ DE♂ CEDAR ALUN STONE DEODORANT.

This list is not nearly complete but it gives a picture of how simple it is to solve male skin care through safe, plant-based cosmetics. Let’s help our guests navigate through the labyrinth of cosmetic products, they will be
very grateful for it!

With love: Melinda.