„What is the frequency, Kenneth?”

„What is the frequency, Kenneth?”

or; talking about VIO (High frequency) again

I hope that some of my readers might know what I am referring to and remember the album “Monster” of R.E.M in 1994! I am sorry, but I just couldn’t resist this very free association 😊

I will be more serious now. Recently we added a multifunctional electro cosmetic tool our PANDHY’S™ product range. Because of this, I had to immerse myself in this world that had been completely unknown to me before. I had to learn the way operating systems function, and the opportunities for treatment with them.

Of course, I approach these machines, i.e. ultrasound, galvanic and high-frequency tools from the point of view of product development. And of course, I study the treatments that can traditionally or potentially performed by them.

In relation to this, wrote my earlier post on hair and scalp care with high frequency. And I would still stay a little bit with this infinitely simple, but incredibly versatile and useful device. I do it, because, on one hand, I became an obsessed advocate of it, and on the other hand, because I think we are very far from using the most of what this tool can offer. I do not know if this is because the cosmetic treatments with it have been forgotten, or because we may not have the necessary knowledge.

Now, I would recommend an indirect use to our audience of professionals, namely a special massage. Using a pun, and apparently a little humor, I named it E-STATIC MASSAGE, although the profession knows it as Viennese massage.

The treatment – as well as its (more) wide-spread direct application – enhances cellular metabolism and as a consequence, healthy cellular function helps the natural self-cleansing and antibacterial processes of the skin. But what is even more important when treating clients with inflamed acne skin problems, is that with this skin condition, even classic, manual massage is hardly tolerable, or not tolerable at all, while Viennese massage is.

This massage can work wonders in case of dry, heavily dehydrated, fragile, aging skin as well.

What happens during the e-static massage? With the help of electric current, we generate heat and vibration on the surface of the skin and in the deeper layers of the tissue, thereby stimulating the nerve endings.

Dilatation removes the toxins, and as a result, the nutrient supply and hydration of the cells increases. Enhanced circulation accelerates cell renewal, collagen and elastin synthesis, as a result, wrinkles smooth out, the size of pores decreases, and significant improvements occur in the colour and texture of the skin, not to mention significantly improved transdermal absorption of active ingredients.

Finally, let’s see how the treatment is being performed!

We apply the active ingredients and lubricants – that can be oil, or/and water-based preparations – suitable for the purpose of the treatment and the indication onto properly prepared skin.

Attach the electrode to the high-frequency device handle, and then give the device to the client’s hand. The guest holds the handle in one palm and the electrode in the other palm.

Place one of your hands on the client’s forehead and turn on the device with your other hand. Increase the intensity to the point where the vibrating feeling generated by electricity is pleasant for the client. Then start the massage, according to the choreography chosen by you, very gently, only with the fingertips, applying only minimal pressure. It should be more of a caressing than a real massage.

Make sure that the skin contact with the guest is continuous, as the circuit will only close this way. It can be observed, that the smaller the contact surface (so for example if the massage is performed by us with on fingertip only) the greater the generated current; while if the contacted surface is greater (e.g. the entire palm), the intensity is weaker.

The e-static massage shouldn’t be longer than 10-15 minutes. Do not stop the skin contact with the client before you switch off the device.

Well, I hope I managed to grab your attention and raise your interest. Feel free to turn to us if you have any questions or if you need help, but I look forward to hearing about your experiences and ideas for further treatments!

I close my post and the circuit,

With regards,

Gertrud Borbíró