PANDHY'S™ Sugar Depilation

The history of PANDHY’S™ began with the sugar paste at the beginning of the 21st century. Indisputably, the sugar depilation is our biggest workhorse. We have decided that we will make the sugar depilation to the favourite procedure of the beautician as well as every customer. In our treatments and products , we prove that sugar is the most natural and innovative ingredient.

PANDHY'S™ SugarSpa

The sugar, this wonderfully natural, body-own substance, has beyond the depilation beyond unimagined possibilities both in the Professional Salon treatments and products as well as in the home care.

CosMix - tailormade beauty

The COSMIX line is an innovative tailor-made, professional beauty care and therapy system, the precisely coordinated performance of exquisite formulas and highly skilled and attentive practitioners, with the client’s current needs and desires in the focus as the only priority .

COSMIX – your blend, your beauty line gives the therapist both the possibility and the responsibility to compose the appropriate treatment and blend the most suitable formulas to achieve the treatment goals and the highest quality products.

PANDHY'S™ Mineral Make up

The new makeup generation – natural minerals, safe colors!

PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Up products open a new generation in decorative cosmetics, using only the pure minerals, leaving the skin softer and more beautiful, the eyes brighter and the lips fuller with all natural colors!

PANDHY’S ™ Mineral Make Up is made exclusively from the highest quality minerals and botanicals in the world. The minerals are 100% inorganic, so inactive. Bacteria can not colonize and therefore they do not need conservation. As a result, they are durable indefinitely. The minerals protect the skin from environmental influences and cover them perfectly.

PANDHY'S™ Beautea

We present the next category of products, our carefully selected BeauTea floral SPA herbal teas!
12 well-known, widespread and traditional herbs are offered from Europe to Asia. They should bring a multi-sensory experience and pleasure. Furthermore, they represent a valuable and completely natural remedy in the beauty salons and SPAs.

The BeauTea line offers endless possibilities for the creative integration of teas into the treatment process. We can use them as a soothing refreshment, as a facial tonic or as a scrub or mask!

True Delight™

True Delight™ is one of the most ingenious biocertified natural cosmetics brands of the world. Each product is produced in France and carefully prepared to save the ingredients and effects of the plant.
The high content of active ingredients makes the luxury, True Delight™ by PANDHY’S™ is a pioneer in this regard. A young, creative and innovative brand that meets the needs of our times uncompromisingly. We use a handful of active substances, all of which are certified organic quality, which achieve the highest effect in their optimal combination. No additives, fillers or parabens, as it can be done without as well!